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Local search is where a person searches for a local company in Google. It has become increasingly popular due to the fact that it enables a local business to get a top page listing for highly searched keywords locally, which brings in significant levels of targeted traffic.

Local search example:



Typically Google provides a list of local businesses within the area which is displayed prominently with the search results for various key terms.

Local search has become extremely important for many businesses. Having a top 5 position within the Google local results for a competitive keyword for your local area can bring in significant amounts of highly targeted local traffic, as the results are always prominently displayed on the top page of search results within the area.


* Do you appear at all in Google local search for your keywords and areas?

* Are your competitors in higher positions than you within Google local?

* Have you dropped in position?

* Have your details disappeared completely?

If so, then you are losing business!

Finding out why is time consuming and difficult. However we are specialists in local search and are able to find out why by doing a comprehensive audit.

We manually review all the relevant elements, of which there are quite a few, that are associated with local search which includes the following metrics:

Google+ pages
NAP information across the board
Quality and quantity of citations

And much more…..

We have helped businesses to achieve key positions with Google Local, against significant competition

An example is:

B & K Accident Repair Centre

Which previously was nowhere to be seen in local search, now displays top 5 position within local search for its key term: Accident repair Coventry and multiple related key terms which brings in significant local targeted traffic due to the local audit we completed for them which included a specific plan of action that they are using.



The Google Local Search Audit

This comprehensive review of local search for your business includes the factors which determine the inclusion and position and will provide you with the exact reasons why you are not in the positions that you would like to be and that you competitors are currently in.

Our audit will also provide information regarding competing businesses to enable you to see why they are in better positions.

You will receive:

A comprehensive report which will show:

Details of current metrics for listing
Detail of competitor metrics ( top 5 )

An extensive plan of action which will provide you with a compete blueprint to enable you to dominate the specific key term in local search.

This will include the exact steps needed to improve current listing


All that is required from you:

Website details – Url
Local Area ( if not listed on website)
Desired Keyword for local search

Email the details to:


Lead time

5-7 working days






Paypal to:

Bank – Payment details on request


To Order:

Email us the details requested including the transaction ID from Paypal

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